TheatreOne Presents Monster Theatre’s Juliet: A Revenge Comedy
Written by Pippa Mackie and Ryan Gladstone

2021/22 Season
Evening Performances @ 7:30 pm
Saturday matinee @ 2:00 pm
Duration: 70 mins
$30 Adults | $15 Students

Verona, the Capulet tomb, Act V – Romeo lies dead beside Juliet, she holds his dagger aloft poised to kill herself and … she doesn’t. Now what? The other actors from Romeo and Juliet enter and continue with their lines, seemingly unaware that Juliet is still there. The play ends, the lights go down, then come back up and the play starts again with Juliet still standing there dagger in hand, stuck in the eternal recurrence of the greatest love story ever told.

Juliet tears herself from the fabric of the narrative and exits the theatre determined to write her own story. Wandering through the canon of Shakespeare’s greatest plays she encounters other renowned female characters (Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, Cleopatra, Miranda) and recruits a team of kick-ass women to confront Shakespeare himself. This comedic adventure follows Juliet on an epic journey, as she reclaims her possible (fated) demise through quill fights, witches and a climactic battle between Shakespeare himself and the ladies of the canon.

JULIET: A Revenge Comedy is a fast-paced, action, adventure comedy that follows Juliet on the literary adventure of the century. Juliet, played by Canadian Comedy Award nominee Pippa Mackie, refuses to die for someone she just met two days ago. She recruits a team of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters (all played by Fringe comedy veteran Carly Pokoradi) to find out why they’ve been forced to die! CAN THEY ALTER THEIR FATE?! The show includes, quill fights, barge chases, and killer snakes! ★★★★★ -CBC

Monster Theatre has been creating original plays for over 20 years. Founded in 2000 Monster Theatre creates works that challenge preconceptions, excite imaginations and embody the way of the Monster: strange, twisted and bizarre on the outside, but always with a noble heart. Monster Theatre produces work that engages the hearts, brains and guts of all audiences; comedies that excite intellectuals, histories that shock teenagers, and theatre for young audiences that makes adults roll on the floor laughing.

Since being grounded by the pandemic we have created an original podcast called Monster Theatre: The Podcast. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts from.