November Fringe Flicks Movie

Kingulliit Productions and Isuma Productions present:




Kapuivik, north Baffin Island, 1961. Noah Piugattuk’s nomadic Inuit band live and hunt by dog team, just as his ancestors did when he was born in 1900. When the white man known as Boss arrives in camp, what appears as a chance meeting soon opens up the prospect of momentous change.

In today’s contentious global media environment, when millions of people have been driven from their homes worldwide, Isuma media art in the UN Year of Indigenous Languages looks at the forced relocation of families from an Inuit point of view. Our name Isuma means ‘to think,’ a state of thoughtfulness, intelligence, or an idea. As this film illuminates Canada’s relocation of Inuit in the 1950s and 60s, we seek to reclaim our history and imagine a different future.

Subscriptions and individual tickets can be purchased online by credit card through our website. You will receive an email confirmation. Please print this and bring it or have a copy ready on your phone when you come to the theatre.

Cash, credit, and debit sales will be available at the door 1 hour prior to each show.

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