November 26, 2023 – Sunday

Through My Eyes begins as a dancer enters the stage and discovers a massive furry ball. Intrigued, they move toward it, carefully. As soon as they touch it the magic of the stage is unleashed: the lights go up, the scenery appears all around them, shadows play their tricks and transform one dancer into many dancers! Through My Eyes is an ode to the power of imagination. It stimulates a child’s senses and brings us back to one of the loveliest things about childhood: a tireless capacity for wonder.

February 10, 2023 – Saturday

The Penny Pom Pom show is an exciting multimedia experience full of music, storytelling, and magic for young kids. Penny is a colourful ball of energy who embodies creative confidence and artistic freedom. Sing and dance along to her catchy and original guitar-driven music about magic, creativity, nature, animals, and the seasons. Penny’s wish is for everyone to leave the show with a big smile, a song in their head, and a desire to share their own special magic with the world. Join along in the fun with Penny Pom Pom.

April 13, 2023 – Saturday

Dufflebag Theatre returns to Nanaimo for a single performance of Cinderella. All the familiar characters including the lovely Cinderella, a flitting fairy godmother, an ugly stepmother, a dedicated messenger, and of course, the handsome prince, make appearances in this family friendly interactive version of the much loved story. In this refreshing adaptation of the classic fairy tale, DuffleBag Theatre invites audience members into the show to play the main parts!

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